Laura Murrell

Community College League of California – Communications & Marketing Manager

“The Community College League of California selected Aero to design a new public website and member database system in early 2017. We selected Aero based on their many years working with both associations and institutions of higher learning. We were also drawn to Aero by their custom approach which we hoped would lead to a system tailored to our membership and activities.

The results speak for themselves. The website is beautiful and really evokes the spirit of our organization and membership. Our member engagement has significantly improved. Our site is optimized for every type of display or mobile device. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aero provided assistance and services that went above and beyond what we asked them for. We now have a new online registration system for virtual events as well as a message board that allows participants to initiate and sustain ongoing interactions with other virtual meeting participants even after the meeting is over. And critical to our internal operations, we have developed a very effective support relationship with Aero. This has led to a number of enhancements and upgrades to our system at a discounted price – very important in the non-profit world!”

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