Case Studies

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute @ UC Berkeley


The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Berkeley approached Aeronet to re-conceptualize a public website and CRM system to support the institute both on the public and on the back end of the organization.


OLLI’s existing website had not been redesigned in nearly seven years and was set up with a hodgepodge of solutions that did not work well together. The website no longer reflected the professional nature of the Institute or the high caliber of courses and events offered to OLLI members and the public. OLLI also desperately needed an integrated CRM solution to enable them to pull reports and manage courses, faculty, students, online payments and more.


our approach

Aeronet worked very closely with OLLI staff to define and then implement a robust solution that allows users to easily browse and sign up for courses and events, while providing OLLI staff with an easy-to-use back end system for managing everything. We created the new OLLI website using Drupal both for the public website interface as well as for the CRM system.


The new OLLI website and CRM is a huge success. Enrollment is higher than ever. OLLI staff, faculty, and students have found the new system easy to use, suitable for users with low vision restrictions, and also completely optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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