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California Park and Recreation Society


Founded in 1946, CPRS is a nonprofit, professional public interest organization with over 4,000 members who work together to support and elevate park and recreation professionals. CPRS's motto is, "Parks Make Life Better!"

CPRS membership is well-distributed, with 86 percent of park and recreation agencies in California boasting at least one CPRS individual member. CPRS also has local, national and international company members that provide solutions to help their members work smarter and faster.


CPRS decided in 2019 to migrate their website into the Higher Logic platform. In preparation for this, CPRS hired Aeronet to go through a process of discovery, planning, and the creation of an original new website design. The goal was to completely rethink how CPRS engages with their members and the public.


our approach

We started the process by creating and analyzing the results of a member survey focused on the use of the website. Through a careful review of survey responses, site analytics, and in-person conversations, we mapped out a new vision for the site. Next, we spent a day at the CPRS offices working with staff through web publishing best practices and reviewing our recommendations from the site user analysis. Following this workshop, we generated a series of mockups for the new CPRS website interface. Once the mockups were finalized and approved, we built the working website theme within the Higher Logic platform and authored a detailed how-to document for staff, enabling the level of publishing independence that CPRS was hoping for.


Stephanie Stephens

California Park & Recreation Society – Executive Director

“Aero did a wonderful job helping CPRS re-think and re-design our association website recently. Aero began the project by evaluating our brand and the content we published within our old website. Next, Ben Fajen, the president of Aero came to our office and spent a day with our staff going through web content publishing best practices and reviewing design/layout directions he recommended.

After the workshop, Aero created a beautiful new design for our site, which runs on the Higher Logic (HL) platform. Although there are serious limits to the functionality allowed within the HL platform, Aero implemented very clever layout devices using Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that allowed the design of the site to include a much more visually interesting and engaging interface for our members.”

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