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Our posts are designed to help you better understand how you can use your corner of the internet to engage, inform, and motivate the communities you serve. We aim to offer practical and straightforward insights about web design and development that high-impact organizations and others who aim to do good in the world can put to use right away.

Our content is curated by our award-winning team of designers and edited by our President and Founder, Ben Fajen. Here’s a bit about Ben:

A former licensed architect with a degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Ben has worked in many areas involving design, technology, and communication.

More than 20 years ago, he founded Aero Design, a website development and consulting company that specializes in creating websites for member-based organizations, advocacy groups, non-profits, educational institutions, education-related organizations, and corporations.

Since then, Aero has developed a proven, proprietary Web Development Process that ensures a streamlined, stress-free experience from initial design and production through training, maintenance, and updates. We follow the latest in user-centered design principles to create unique, memorable websites that reflect the essence of each organization.

We’re excited to mine some that hard-earned expertise to create bite-sized, value-packed posts that will help you unlock the possibilities accessible through smart and innovative web design.

Thanks for following along!

Aero Design, Inc.

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